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  FlossGrip equals happy flossing


Instructions for use

  1. Cut 5" ( 12 cm) dental floss or dental tape.

  2. To fix on first prong (A):
    - First wind floss 3 times around extremity of  prong A.
    - Then thread through the slot on the extremity of this prong.

  3. To fix on second prong (B):
    - Squeeze prongs tightly together.
    - Fix floss on second prong B by repeating same procedure as for prong A.

A few tips

  • Take care that ends of floss do not stick too much out of prongs (max. 0.5" = 1 cm); if necessary, wind some more times before threading through slots.

  • Floss with sawing motions gradually between teeth, so as not to injure gum.

  • If floss is thin and breaks often, thicken it by cutting 10" (24 cm) floss and folding it twice.

  • If a tooth repeatedly severs the floss, consult your dentist (decay).

  • Take attention to the position of the floss. The floss has to be placed at the bottom of the heads, as shown hereafter.


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